Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why Aren't We Doing MORE???

Have you ever been made aware of some injustice and wondered: "Why isn't anyone doing anything about this?"

I have. And usually, I'M guilty of remaining inactive. Such has been the case for me these past couple of decades regarding THE EVIL OF OUR AGE: ABORTION.

I have shed tears over the years at the thought that it is LEGAL to kill babies in the womb. I've given change to help support local pregnancy centers. I've prayed for the end to this evil. I've even begged women NOT to abort, but rather to give the baby to my family! But why haven't I done MORE?

I am only speaking for myself and God has been convicting ME in this matter. But think about it- an entire class of people (the unborn) are regularly torn apart in utero in our country and we ALLOW IT? If an unborn entity is wanted, we call it a BABY. If unwanted, it is okay and acceptable to get rid of "it." Why is there a disconnect?

I know those who support abortion default to language about women's rights and so on, but this will not suffice. Some have gone so far as to ADMIT the humanity of the unborn and STILL argue in favor of killing the baby!

Brothers and Sisters, we have all got to open our eyes! A great EVIL is being allowed in our country, in our states, in our cities, in YOUR CITY. Please consider this and try to understand my newfound passion for ending abortion. I know I may appear over-zealous, self-righteous, over-the-top in my desire to ABOLISH HUMAN ABORTION, but it is NOT my intent to be those things. The knowledge that baby humans are being killed daily, breaks my heart and I can no longer be silent. I can no longer remain inactive. May God be glorified and may God use me to help ABOLISH HUMAN ABORTION.  God is all sovereign...