Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Letter to those in Milford

I know I posted a letter to you already, but I felt like I have more to say.

You are where I trained as a manager in the first place. Many of you were still there when I returned. Hopefully I was able to teach you something, but please know that YOU TAUGHT ME!  From you I learned:
  • patience
  • problem-solving
  • how to treat people
  • how to discipline
  • how to work AND have fun!
  • God's creative diversity- you are all so wonderfully different!
  • I became a better cook than I was before
I know there's more. I guess I just want to say that it's been just over a week, and I miss you! I'll NEVER forget you! You'll always be my home. I am excited to be at my new restaurant and I'm already feeling welcome.  But I just wanted to restate my love for Team Milford. You guys ROCK! Keep up the great work and make me proud! I know you can continue to be excellent!

with much love and mushiness,